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17 February 2015

Location scout

Santiago Oaks Park
Orange, California
16 February 2015

We're down to the final night of filming, but are still looking for a location to do it. This bit requires real location and real permits. And real costs.

Maybe coyotes, snakes, and mountain lions. But I'm trying to avoid that. I kept telling the daughter, I'm leaving this to her, but today, I made calls, made pleas, made deals.


But yesterday required that I hike.

(Five floors, according to my phone).

And today, I know what that cost.

I am having a large ginger and tequila to kill the pain.

I've got three months.

Not nearly long enough.

She's got a couple of weeks.

Not nearly long enough.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6. Ball of destruction.

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