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25 January 2015

You don't don't call

Milton. Eating a candy cane
6 January 2015

I was un-decorating the Christmas tree (or ripping things off the branches, take your pick) when the cat stood on his hind legs and whacked a candy cane off the coffee table. He then leapt under the table and started batting the thing around, paws wrapped around the table leg, until he'd gotten enough of the wrapper off and then he settled down to lick it.

Yes, my cat (apparently) eats candy canes.

At least until I took it away from him, visions of bowel obstructions dancing in my head.


Yup, I get it. I know. I know. I know. News. NEWS.

And you looked and got no love.

So let me assure you: YES. Okay? YES.

Plans. They are in the works.

Many plans. Waaaaay too many plans. Thousands of plans.

(That should sound familiar).

There's been death, funerals, a pseudo holiday celebration, finals, college applications, senior project filming, and finally, when I thought there would be time to breathe, I came down with the flu.

So really, I haven't been breathing. No, I mean: literally. Not breathing.

But I'm better now. Almost breathing.

(And the last two days, running a school function).

Not breathing. But definitely running.

And finding my way.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6. Years ago, my 8th birthday to be exact, my mother distracted me from opening my presents by asking me to guess what was in the packages. I did, precisely. How did you know? she asked, mystified. Indeed, how did I? See what I did there? Birthday. I say again: it will be epic.

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