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02 January 2015

When I'm old and wise

Griffith Park Observatory
Los Angeles, California
1 January 2015

In a nutshell:

There was illness, death, and a funeral. But you knew that already.

The son came home for the holidays, and invited a friend to visit for part of it. The daughter had scheduled the filming of her senior project for the holidays. Of course, all hell broke loose beforehand, but nonetheless, we've had a guest and the daughter has still succeeded in three days of filming.

Yes, I'm a wreck. Thanks for asking.

I am doggedly counting down the days 'til the end. The daughter will graduate in June, and so far as I am concerned, I will be free. I don't know how anyone else feels about this, but in my book, I will be done. The daughter has already been accepted into a geophysics program (and that came with an attractively large merit-based scholarship), as well as one of the best film school programs in the country. The son is three-quarters of the way through his college career, and as time has progressed, I've cut the strings that tie him here.

I love my children, but their absence means I can fly from the nest, too.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6.

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