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09 January 2015

New year, new plan

Citadel Outlets
Los Angeles, California
4 January 2015

We've spent a lot of time to-ing and fro-ing between Los Angeles and Orange County in the last year, so naturally, there's been a lot of the 5 Freeway (and even more of the 57 which I could happily live my life and never see again). I was inordinately happy when I saw the big red ribbon atop the outlet mall at the beginning of the holidays. It created a moment in a time when the holidays were nothing more than an afterthought.

Despite all the sorrow that's gone before, I've felt a sneaking sense of renewal. Despite all the pain, I feel that I could be capable again.

New year, new plan.

Well...plan. There is a plan to regain physical strength. There's a plan to hang up my car keys and not make the evil drive through Santa Ana anymore (coming in June).

(Two words: GO PRO! When I get a really good video of what that drive can be like, I swear I'm going to post it. And you think I've been making it all up...)

There's a sort of amorphous plan to go to Europe in the autumn (which might be called wishful thinking, but hey, if wishes were airplanes). There's a piano that needs to be played and a camera I really ought to get acquainted with, especially since the spouse just bought me a rocking camera bag.

(The camera sort of was a casualty of that spinal injury. Carrying a camera bag became more trouble than I could talk myself into, but you know, I'm open to possibility. And the iPhone really doesn't cut it for me, not even with the camera on my new 6--yes, I did.)

So, plans. And yeah, we all know what happens when you make plans, which is why my contingency is flying by the seat of my pants. Can you say Moline? St. Paul? San Juan? The Shetland Islands? A bone-chilling fjord in Iceland? Yeah, thought you could.

If I can keep my eyes on the horizon, look beyond the crap clogging the view...

It could be epic.

It will be epic.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6.

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