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22 September 2014

Saner now some crazy's back*

Blanton Art Musem
Austin, Texas
20 September 2014

The daughter wanted to go look at UT Austin, and so I made that happen.

Were it so easy.

We were supposed to leave Thursday afternoon. I'd worked it all out: the daughter was out of school early on Thursday and didn't have classes on Friday. So I found a flight out late in the afternoon, picked her up from school, raced home and my neighbor R. dropped us off at the airport.

All seemed to be well. Until 5 minutes before our flight was to board. And we were told that the Phoenix airport had been closed because a murder suspect was running loose inside.

(It actually turned out to be slightly less dramatic. Only the terminal where we were supposed to land was closed and it was robbery, shooty sorts of suspects running the parking lot apparently. I've never seen the same story reported twice, so I'm still not 100% sure what was going on in Phoenix that afternoon.)

Half an hour later, our flight was cancelled. And there was no way out that night.

The daughter and I caught a cab back home and I started working the phones and the computer. Finally, I unpicked all my arrangements and was able to find a 6:25am flight to Austin from LAX on Friday morning that would get us to UT in time for the daughter's tour (yup, this is one of the places that requires reservations for tours).

Neither of us could sleep at that point, so we watched Project Runway even though we had to be up at 3 am for a 4 am shuttle to LAX.

And 3 am came really early. Especially since I couldn't sleep anyway.

All Friday, I felt like I was on some surreal non-plane of existence. Or surreal plane of non-existence. Take your pick.

(The daughter liked UT overall. Texas, on the other hand...)

After the tour and our first meal in approaching 36 hours, the daughter and I wandered back to our hotel where we collapsed into damp and exhausted heaps. We were supposed to meet D. in the evening, but after following the whole sorry story by text and email, D. said: chill out; we've got Saturday. And the daughter and I promptly slept for about 10 hours.

(I'm also not saying much about the preceding week in which a student at the son's university died of bacterial meningitis, our air conditioning died an expensive death during an epic heatwave, and a family member was temporarily hospitalized. But it all took a toll.)

Next morning, bathed and breakfasted, we met up with D.

Who I hadn't seen in over a year. Which is way too long.

So there was an art museum. Internet cat videos as art installation. A true Texas pool hall. Shopping in wonderfully weird stores. Talking and laughing. And more laughing. (And taking pictures of that sculpture. I must have taken 40, all at different angles. It was the glowing eyes that did me in.)

Yesterday, when we were safely home, I got a text from D.:

"Oh, man, did I ever need that weekend. I feel saner now that I have some of my crazy back."

And as I told her, truer words were never spoken.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D7000. *Paraphrasing D. Because DAMN.

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