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17 May 2014

Things fall apart

Abandoned phone box
Washington, D.C.
8 May 2014

It was off to Seminar Day today. The spouse, the son and daughter and I picked up Grandad and headed down to Pasadena for donuts and science.

It was a stab at normalcy. We've gone together to Seminar Day for more than 25 years, first just the spouse and I, then with the son in tow when he turned 9, and finally the daughter joined in.

We know about how those projections in time work. Six months to a year. Three good months. Whatever. Doctors really don't know anything. I did the math 6 months ago when we learned the news. Fifteen months was average. Still, life and death happen in their own time. More or less.

Make it count.

I'd gotten the text from my brother-in-law just after my plane touched down at National two weeks ago. Additional metastasis. It wasn't a surprise at all, but it was a disappointment. And I was furious. I knew when I saw the pathology report in November. But in this case, I operate from a position of powerlessness.

Today, what mattered was that Grandad wanted to go to Seminar Day. And so we did.

He ate a donut. He went to a lecture about DNA. We stopped into the seismo lab. Then we went home.

Six months to a year. Three good months. Whatever. He is a fighter, and he will stay as long as he is able. But today was probably the last time we will eat donuts under the jacarandas and wisteria together.

At least we had today.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D7000.

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