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23 April 2014

Let the storm rage on (it's going to anyway)

Historic Jamestown (not the other one)
3 April 2014

So Jamestown was *cough* sort of boring. I feel rather traitorous saying that, given how much all of us enjoy history, but the three or so hours we spent touring ruins and the bazillion bits of things that have been dug up just... Well, the muskrat was interesting and so were the snapping turtles. I don't know. Sometimes I get a sense of history just standing at a place like this (think Ypres), but there was something so sterile about this area. But also very peaceful.

(I know. Skeletons. Skeletons don't offend or frighten me. I prefer that they be treated respectfully as the former repositories of fellow beings, as they were here, but I think the stories some of them have to tell are important. And yes, the concept of cannibalism is very disturbing, but it wasn't treated too salaciously here, though the cynical side of me suspects they made the young woman look as pretty and innocent as possible to underscore the nastiness of the whole idea.)

Anyway. Jamestown.

(Maybe Pocahontas spoiled it all for me.)


I don't remember when we got back from this trip. Early April.

(Of course, I turn around and go back in a couple of weeks.)

It's been run, run, run.

Actually, it's been that way pretty much forever.

The daughter wrote a script. Her classmates and teacher loved it. The classmates fought over who would get to direct it. Last weekend, they spent two nights here filming scenes. It was semi-organized chaos, in part because they spent the days filming out in the wilderness. They were tired. They were sunburned. They were jubilant.

The dailies look amazing. This could be a phenomenal student project.

(If you know where I am on Facebook, you can check out the one-sheet they've done.)

This weekend, the daughter is directing the filming of the other script written for the class. I try to stay far, far away from all this stuff (except when I end up holding the boom mike for hours), which means I've been cast as a teacher.

(Only three lines. Thank god it's only three lines).

If I can just get through this weekend...

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D7000.

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