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06 April 2014

Cherry blossoms. Sort of.

Jefferson Memorial
Washington, D.C.
5 April 2014

Cherry blossoms have their own time frame, and the District has had a rather brutal winter (and spring. We got snowed on last Sunday. One thing you can say about spring in D.C.: you never know what you're going to get). My grandmother died in late March years ago, and when we buried her at Arlington, the cherry blossoms were already finished. It had been a warm winter. This year, they were only getting started at the end of this last week.

I rarely do the tourist thing when I'm in Washington. It never occurs to me with the exception of seeing an exhibition that interests me at one of the museums. But the spouse and daughter have spent far less time there, so I try to accommodate the odd amusement when they are along. This year, I booked a cherry blossom cruise.

California people associate the wind with warm. My kids grew up with Santa Anas. The cold, cutting wind off the Potomac just doesn't register, despite me saying repeatedly, "Take a coat." They decided to sit with me on the open deck, even though I told them, "You will probably want to stay below."

So the daughter huddled against me while I tried to take photos. Not that there was much to take photos of, just the faintest frosting of white and pink on the trees. Later in the afternoon, the daughter and I made the hike from Georgetown to the Tidal Basin, where a few trees were giving it their best shot.

It's supposed to rain this week. Those poor flowers do not have a chance.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D7000. Yes, the camera finally made it out of the box! I did say March, didn't I? And read the manual? No. Boy, does it show.

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