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15 March 2014

Times change

CSU Long Beach Library
Long Beach, California
15 March 2014
First of all, yes, the out-of-focus iPhone apparently is a function of helpful Apple's iOS7. I knew there was a reason why it took me months to downgrade update my phone. I haven't even checked my iPad. It's just too depressing.
(No, I'm not going to 7.1 anytime soon. And I'm so annoyed, I'll likely just get an Android for my next phone.)
Second, back when I was in college, we spent all of our time trying to throw people with food and drinks out of the library. Okay, my alma mater did have one of those disgusting 70s coffee machines in the basement--you know, the giant things that drop a cup and then squirt some simulacrum of coffee into it, if it doesn't miss altogether--and I sadly drank more of that stuff than you can shake a stick at (where did that turn of phrase come from? ). But still. Today, I sat in a Starbucks in a library waiting for the daughter to finish the research she was doing for a project.

Not unwelcome under the circumstances. But very strange.
Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. Yes, thank you, I know I have a new camera I haven't even used yet. But I got the iPhone in part so I wouldn't have to carry a point and shoot. So much for that.

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