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26 March 2014

Big, puffy clouds

Where else?
26 March 2014
The county and every city for miles has opted to tear up all the roads (again. This is an ongoing theme in my life). Helpfully, a water main near the daughter's school ruptured last night, and the result was traffic backed up for miles. No one saw fit to tell us about this until 3:30 this afternoon, at which point, I was already sitting in the for miles back up. The spouse and daughter had already endured the 45 minute version early this morning.
In the morning, the drive is enlivened by every child for miles heading off to school, and we see 100 or so wandering up the road, singly and in packs. This morning, one small girl took advantage of a captive audience and spent her walk up the thoroughfare waving to all the cars. Naturally, she was largely ignored.  But the daughter, being the daughter, waved cheerfully back to the small girl, which caused the girl to stop in her tracks.
"Oh!" she cried, looking at the daughter. "You're pretty!"
And that pretty much made the daughter's day, despite nearly being late for school.
The world needs more small girls who wave at cars, and older girls who wave back at them.
Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

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