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26 March 2014

Big, puffy clouds

Where else?
26 March 2014
The county and every city for miles has opted to tear up all the roads (again. This is an ongoing theme in my life). Helpfully, a water main near the daughter's school ruptured last night, and the result was traffic backed up for miles. No one saw fit to tell us about this until 3:30 this afternoon, at which point, I was already sitting in the for miles back up. The spouse and daughter had already endured the 45 minute version early this morning.
In the morning, the drive is enlivened by every child for miles heading off to school, and we see 100 or so wandering up the road, singly and in packs. This morning, one small girl took advantage of a captive audience and spent her walk up the thoroughfare waving to all the cars. Naturally, she was largely ignored.  But the daughter, being the daughter, waved cheerfully back to the small girl, which caused the girl to stop in her tracks.
"Oh!" she cried, looking at the daughter. "You're pretty!"
And that pretty much made the daughter's day, despite nearly being late for school.
The world needs more small girls who wave at cars, and older girls who wave back at them.
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15 March 2014

Times change

CSU Long Beach Library
Long Beach, California
15 March 2014
First of all, yes, the out-of-focus iPhone apparently is a function of helpful Apple's iOS7. I knew there was a reason why it took me months to downgrade update my phone. I haven't even checked my iPad. It's just too depressing.
(No, I'm not going to 7.1 anytime soon. And I'm so annoyed, I'll likely just get an Android for my next phone.)
Second, back when I was in college, we spent all of our time trying to throw people with food and drinks out of the library. Okay, my alma mater did have one of those disgusting 70s coffee machines in the basement--you know, the giant things that drop a cup and then squirt some simulacrum of coffee into it, if it doesn't miss altogether--and I sadly drank more of that stuff than you can shake a stick at (where did that turn of phrase come from? ). But still. Today, I sat in a Starbucks in a library waiting for the daughter to finish the research she was doing for a project.

Not unwelcome under the circumstances. But very strange.
Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. Yes, thank you, I know I have a new camera I haven't even used yet. But I got the iPhone in part so I wouldn't have to carry a point and shoot. So much for that.

12 March 2014

Sunglasses all the way

Santa Ana, California
10 March 2014
Time change. I resent losing an hour, but I appreciate driving in daylight.
And I am convinced that iOS7 has wrecked the camera.
Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

11 March 2014


Santa Ana, California
11 March 2014

The daughter was filming late tonight, and I sat and waited.

I wait.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. I am convinced that iOS 7 has borked my camera lens.

08 March 2014

From the 2

Looking west from Hwy 2
8 March 2014

On the drive home tonight, the son asked that we stop at our alma mater. So we drove down into Los Angeles, parked and commenced a brief trip down memory lane.

The spouse and I didn't really know each other well when we were in college, but we bumped into one another because of mutual friends. He is older than I am, so graduated before me, and I lived off campus most of my academic career, so was less involved in campus life and happily, didn't ever visit the dining hall after freshman year. Nonetheless, we met again a few years after I'd graduated, and eventually, we married in the campus chapel.

I worked in the library, and the spouse spent most of his college life in the building that housed the science labs, but for us both, every corner of campus carries a remembrance of things past. We peeked in windows and laughed about shows we'd seen in the college theater. Reminisced about seeing Patrick Stewart in the audience when we went to see a Gilbert & Sullivan production in the outdoor amphitheater. I pointed out the building where I was got stuck in an elevator, and we went to the place where I fell down a flight of stairs. The stairs are gone now, weirdly, erased from the hillside, though they are marked indelibly on my spine.

We took the kids past various residence halls in which we'd resided, and told stories. And we laughed.

For the most part, I enjoyed my college years. They weren't easy by any stretch. I came from a poor family, so I worked many hours while taking a full class load, which didn't particularly bother me. On the contrary, I was really proud of what I accomplished. But when college was done, I was ready to move on.

Even while we walked around campus, and I remembered the moments when I was flooded with that curious sense of "You Are Here," I felt a strange disconnect and the certainty that I really had moved on, decades ago. It's a recognizable piece of my past, a place that motivated me tremendously, but it is, quite firmly, in the past.

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