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30 January 2014

Leading edge

Santa Ana, California
30 January 2014

I suppose complaining about the dry weather wasn't a bad thing. We got a little (very little) rain this afternoon, and as I waited for the daughter, the next front was moving in. By the time she arrived at the car, clouds covered the sky.

We hope.


Last night, I had to start up the daughter's old Windows 7 laptop so that she could run a simulation for her AP Bio class. I won't let Java run on any of my computers, so I had to install that, too.

It was fairly late by the time she'd finished her other homework, and I was babysitting the laptop and reading the newspaper. There was a story about George Clooney, with the highly amusing note that you could buy what was essentially a raffle ticket (benefitting a charity) for $10 and spend an evening (sort of) with Mr. Clooney. And I laughed and read it to the daughter because we have a long-standing joke about George revolving around the central conceit that when the daughter receives her first Academy Award nomination, I get to sit next to him at the show.

(We have MANY long-standing jokes about George, actually, and don't worry, they are all nice.)

We are fond of Mr. Clooney around here, and not for the reason you might think. Yes, he is a handsome man, suave and debonair and all that good stuff, but more importantly, he is interesting. And he makes interesting choices in the projects he pursues. And he works with interesting people. That interests me. So the daughter and I were discussing all the things we might ask him.

(And anyway, he bears a little too close a resemblance to one of my brothers-in-law, so crushing on Clooney would just be weird. Also, I only have one celebrity crush, and I gave my heart away on that one decades ago, and I'm nothing if not faithful, even in fantasy.)

While we both acknowledge that it would never happen (though in my life weirder things have), the daughter said, "Wouldn't it just be crazy?'

And it certainly would.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. So maybe next academic year, I will do nothing but publish photos from where I'm sitting on the street in Santa Ana, waiting. And the word you're searching for? LAZY. Okay, not really. Busy, very busy. Also, lazy.

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