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27 January 2014

High surf advisory

Huntington Beach, California
25 January 2014

So the actual reason that we went to the beach the other day was not so I could write about the high cost of beautiful winter weather (though it was all true, and I've noticed the news outlets have picked up on the same idea. Fortunately, it looks as though we might get some rain later in the week.). It was because the Weather Channel could not stop yelling about the high surf advisory, and the spouse wanted to go look.

I can't speak for the other parts of the California coast, but our part isn't particularly known for the sort of waves of toe-curling enormity that one sees at, say, the North Shore of Oahu. I guess our waves are respectable, though. I don't surf; I'm not at all a fan of open water, as I've discussed before. But I would call the waves around here fairly pacific.

(Couldn't resist. I'm so tired from the go go go of the last several months that all I can do is crack bad jokes.)

In any event, these are bigger waves.

To be fair, there seemed to be quite a lot of unusual energy in the surf. The spume down the coast was so thick that it was visible from the pier. There was clearly a lot of sand being churned up in the water, and the waves were coming pretty fast. The lifeguards seemed fairly agitated by those who insisted on surfing under the pier.

So there it is. High surf.

(Hey, I wouldn't have gone in the water).

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

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