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25 January 2014

A cautionary tale: such a winter's day

Huntington Beach, California
25 January 2014

You can look at this and say, "WOW! California beaches in January!"

Or you can look at this and say, "The price of the food I eat is about to go through the roof."

California grows a huge proportion of the nation's fruits and vegetables. It supplies dairy, poultry and beef. No rain and snow equals no water. No water means nothing grows; livestock becomes unsupportable. And basic economics dictates that when demand outstrips supply, prices increase. If California goes looking elsewhere for water to buy, prices will increase.

The California drought. Coming soon to a supermarket near you.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. Normally, I am a glass half-full kinda girl, but we've gone several rainy seasons with no rain. And while California is by no means the only supplier of supermarket staples, it is a big one.

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