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23 December 2013

Sun, sand, surf and Nativity

Newport Beach, California
31 December 2012

It was so perfectly...California.


I finally took the plunge.

When I got myself the D40 for Christmas six years ago, it was the first time I ever bought myself a *real* camera. Too exciting. I started on the bottom rung, and promised myself that if I mastered the low end, I could aspire to the high end.

Well, I can't claim that I've mastered the low end, but I decided that I'd earned a better camera. Tomorrow, I get my D7000. I already know what will happen when I unwrap it in two days. I will look at it. I will circle it. I will read the box. I will put it down. I will look at it. I will circle it. I will think about it.

I will eventually open it. It might take me a couple of hours. Maybe a couple of days. Worse case scenario, a couple of months.

But I will open it. And I will learn it. And I will love it.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

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