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06 December 2013

My odd life

Chicken tamale & "Korean moon pie"*
6 December 2013
Every year, the daughter and I go to the Visual Arts conservatory's winter boutique. It's just a little mother/daughter excursion and we look at everything on offer and buy small gifts of jewelry and ceramics for our friends.
I met her this afternoon for our traditional promenade through the tables, and we looked and talked to the vendors, and finally retired to the breezeway to share a tamale and *what the girl who was selling them described to us as a "Korean moon pie."
Then the daughter took me off to an art gallery so I could admire a print that she saw and loved. She pointed out a small sculptural set of bones made of glass. Looking at them, I was overwhelmed with sadness.
"That's me," I said to her.
"Oh, Mommy," she said, hugging my arm.
Also? This.
Yesterday, as I driving through the wilds of Santa Ana, I was rear ended. My immediate impulse was highly uncharitable but I suppressed it, and the other driver immediately apologized and took full responsibility (which would be difficult to deny, since I was sitting at a stop light when she hit me). The damage to my car appeared minimal--mostly scratched paint--so I took her number, but waved it off.
There didn't seem much point in saying anything about the damage the impact had done to me.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

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