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22 November 2013

Portrait of a napkin as composed by the daughter

Santa Ana, California
15 November 2013

So, yeah.

Not a lot of words lately.

Life is more or less full throttle, but it's not full throttle adventure, it's full throttle work. There is plenty to write, but they aren't things I wish to write.

Last week, the daughter and I were the featured entertainment helped out at her school's preview day. Neither of us is really fond of speaking in front of an audience, so it tends to be a fairly exhausting process. For me, the difficulty comes in remembering to put the brakes on before I say something that shouldn't necessarily be said in public.

(Like "helicopter parents." Which I did say, though I firmly believed I'd only thought it. Le sigh.)

In any event, when all that finally finished, the spouse took the daughter and I out to lunch. And the daughter started messing with my phone, the result of which was a photograph of a napkin. You have her to thank for that.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

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