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10 October 2013

My life on a movie set

Orange County, California
1 April 2013

This is not an infrequent scene at my house. I joked with the daughter that I'm running out of rooms for her to film in and that I'll have to remodel the rest of the place so that she'll have new sets.

(On this particular day of shooting, I had to notify the neighborhood that there would be screaming emanating from my house, that a bandaged up young man would be repeatedly banging on my front door, and that it was all with my knowledge and consent, so there was no need to call the sheriff. What we do for our kids who are shooting zombie flicks.)

I know my fellow conservatory parents are in the same boat:

I haven't yet had to take any doors off the hinges, I admit.

And now, I have to go back to figuring out the best way to build a mock-up of  a ventilation shaft. Those big boxes from our bathroom fixtures are coming in handy.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPad. We as conservatory parents are the bank, the caterer, and transportation, and frequently are actors, set decorators, DPs and sound engineers. Can't tell you how many times I've had to hold that boom mike.

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