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24 October 2013

Lunch at Farragut Square

Farragut Square
Washington, D.C.
18 October 2013

I'd spent the previous day on airplanes and I was going to be spending the afternoon and subsequent day in meetings and presentations.

"I want to be outside," I told the son.

So we went out, no real destination in mind, and ended up here, food truck heaven, and the son had second lunch.

(I ate some of his kimchi, but wasn't really hungry, so I watched people and enumerated the types and styles of food trucks available.)

Every time I return, the tug becomes more insistent. I've found myself looking at real estate ads. Walking up O Street last Saturday, I felt peace.

Yes, I love my new bathroom (photos soon, promise). But I'm so ready to leave the battleground that is Southern California. I've been ready to leave for decades.

Now I have a kid on the East Coast. And I have a kid who is feeling the sense of possibility. 

"University College, London," she chirps. "University of Toronto. University of Tokyo..."

The sense of possibility.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

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