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16 October 2013

Just another day

Washington, D.C.
12 April 2009

"Congress approved the proposal," I told the spouse.

"They heard you were coming to give them what-for," he responded drily.

I actually haven't been near anything that would be affected by the shutdown in about 5 years. I've got some free time this weekend, but also meetings. And I promised the son I'd take him and his roommates out to dinner.

All this means I should actually be packing.

It's been a crazy week in a lifetime of crazy weeks. The spouse suddenly started sporting a swollen jaw Monday morning after a crown was put on one of his teeth Saturday, so that's consumed an incredible amount of energy, especially as he was supposed to give a talk out of town this week. So much for that idea. So he and the daughter and the cat will be holding down the fort and then Monday I will revisit that shot-out-of-a-cannon feeling.

The bathroom is done. A needed change completed.

More is yet to come.

All things being equal (they never are), I'm ready to start.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40.

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