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19 October 2013


Washington Monument, fully clothed
Washington, DC
 18 October 2013

The monument still rises above all, now just clad like some Christo installation.

 I dragged the son around for a bit yesterday before the meetings began and he ate everything that wasn't tied down.

(No, seriously. Bulgogi from a food truck. Half a wedge of cheese with crackers, and then a package of prosciutto. Sandwiches at the school reception and entire plates of crab fried rice, spring rolls and sate when I took him and his roommate to dinner. Then he mused, "I wonder if I'm not eating enough...")

Notably, as we wandered from a meeting to a reception, an attractive young woman hailed the son and came over to introduce herself to me. When she departed, he looked at me, wide-eyed.

"I didn't even know she knew I existed," he murmured.

"She's adorable and she just played the mom card," I told him. "She's a candidate for coffee."

 (Subtext: do not be unconfident and oblivious as your mother has always been. Also, I told him that coffee is the best opening gambit to get to know someone. It's innocuous and if it isn't working, you can run fast. If it is working, it can become dinner.)

Meanwhile, the Palomar has provided plenty of coffee (and barking dogs), so it's time to get back out there.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

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