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24 September 2013

This is a test

Aquatic sausages
Monterey, California
8 August 2013

I wondered, looking at them, how lying sideways on a rock could be comfortable in any way. And yet, there they were.

Recently, we attended an event, a sort of reunion, and there was much about it that reminded me why I never attend reunions. In the intervening time, I've gone on and done other things in the world and so have other people, and never the twain shall meet and the reasons why we intersected in the first place are gone so...

So, I found it uncomfortable.

And weirdly, I ran into someone that I met some years ago in circumstances that had nothing to do with the group in which we both currently found ourselves, and the part of me that is quasi-extroverted didn't hesitate to open her mouth, while the part of me that is utterly introverted was silently trying to beat the louder half into submission. It was a when-worlds-collide moment in more ways than one.

And I found it awkward.

Finally, after the spouse had the opportunity to talk to the requisite folks to whom he wished to speak, and the daughter had been introduced to the people she regularly sees on TV (which made her blush and stutter), it was time to go.

All in all, a bit like lying sideways on a rock. Awkward and uncomfortable in all ways.

And yet, there I am.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40, Nikkor telephoto lens.

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