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04 September 2013

There will be wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper--YAY!
3 September 2013

About 10 years ago, I pulled on a loose bit of corner on the daughter's bedroom wall, and the paint came up and I discovered layers of wallpaper covered in layers of paint.

Didn't anyone ever tell them that you aren't supposed to paint over wallpaper?

Anyway, that discovery led to a month's worth of wallpaper stripping and repainting, and a good bit of blue language from yours truly as she stripped and painted.

Knowing this, I warned the contractor that when he started pulling stuff out of the bathroom, there was going to be wallpaper. And there is! Vinyl wallpaper covered in oil-based paint. And I wondered why I couldn't control the mold despite constant scrubbing.

I'm sure that wallpaper was quite fetching with all the orange tile...

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

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