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09 September 2013

On his throne

9 September 2013

Milton is taking no pleasure whatsoever in this whole bathroom business. There were people on the roof today, and people messing with ductwork (and pulling off part of my bedroom ceiling). While there are workers about, he huddles miserably in the laundry room, glaring every time I check on him. He was probably more put out today by the fact that I wasn't checking on him (I was setting up fundraisers. Always something.).

There is stuff piled everywhere in my house: tile, plumbing, the odd bit of drywall. The bathtub is now in the bathroom (better than in the garage), but the toilet is sitting in two boxes.

Milton loves boxes. This box in particular is just the right size for a cat. He can sit on it and see the room and down the hall. It's convenient for having a good bath. He tried to get into it to see what's inside (to no avail), but in the main, he's content to sit on top of it and look superior.

I know he'll miss it when it goes. The contents won't be nearly so compelling in his book.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

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