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23 September 2013

Let sleeping otters lie

Zen paws
Monterey Bay, California
9 August 2013

The shower is tiled and the vanity is installed. Tomorrow the painters come and the roofing company bashes a hole in the ceiling to install a skylight.

There was no damage to the subfloor, no mold (a thing of nightmares) in the damaged wall. Still, the expenses mount with unexpected and unwelcome finds.  Whatever, I tell myself. It was necessary. This was structural necessity, not a cosmetic endeavor. It's coming along.

I have been prepping fundraisers, and buying supplies. Familiar territory. I send out peppy emails, and wonder at the disconnect between the content (exclamation points! Terribly enthusiastic!), and the tired, disinterested author of said missives.

Really, this is stuff I could do in my sleep. And I seem to be.

If I can just get through Thursday. If I can just get through Saturday. If I can finish out next week...

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40, Nikkor telephoto lens.

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