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12 August 2013

Scene from afternoon flight

Old Mission Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California
7 August 2013

It sort of worked like this: last Monday night, I made reservations at two hotels up the coast. We packed a couple of bags, left the cat to visit with the vet, and got in the car. Mid-afternoon, we stopped in Santa Barbara (stretch legs, coffee, the necessaries), and I mentioned to the daughter that Karana (also known as Juana Maria or the Lone Woman of San Nicolas) from The Island of the Blue Dolphins was buried at the mission. So, of course, we had to go up to the mission.

It's at times like these when I realize what an amazing job I did of raising my children in almost total ignorance of the faith in which I was raised. They grew up with very strong moral values, and a bent toward charity, but little understanding of Catholicism and certainly no sense of the cultural aspects of being Catholic. So I tend to be put in the position of explaining things. Like saints. And religious orders. Burial rites. Church architecture. CYO basketball. I thought that I was doing them a favor in allowing them to choose religion rather than being browbeaten into accepting it.

I still believe that I made the right decision in that regard, but it makes me a little sad. They missed the bad parts of the highly religious upbringing to which I was subjected, but they also missed the good.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone 4. And really, you should have been there when I tried to explain St. Blaise and the Blessing of the Throats to the daughter.

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