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04 August 2013


Guggenheim Hall
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, Colorado
2 August 2013

After we saw Rush in Austin in April, D. and I decided we'd need to see them at least once more before the tour ended. I was able to manage the Baltimore show because of the serendipitous alignment of the planets and the son's need to pack up his dorm room at Georgetown but her schedule didn't allow for it. Ultimately, we decided that Denver worked out best in terms of proximity and availability and time frame. So it was a date.

Not long after we decided on this plan, the daughter asked if she might be allowed to go with us because it sounded like we had so much fun when we embarked on these mad sojourns.

(We do. Oh, we do.)

I checked with D. and she cheerfully agreed and the daughter was in. It was just a matter of getting to August.

And life got crazy as it is wont to do.

The daughter is now of the age where college planning is coming into play. She sat the PSAT as a sophomore primarily for the practice, but colleges took note of her scores and her interest in science, and she began getting lots of informational mail. Colorado School of Mines was one of the places that sent her mail and email, and since we were going to be in Denver, it seemed to make sense that we should visit.

(Of course, it didn't make sense in so many ways, but hey, I'm always game for an adventure. Or what is more properly called bringing insanity and chaos into my life.)

In any event, we flew into Denver Thursday afternoon, and after an evening of jollity with D., the daughter and I  had to get up at dawn to catch a bus, a train and another bus to arrive at Mines in time for her appointed tour. None of this really took terribly long (I did my research! And I'm pretty adept at using public transport. I also know how to ask questions, which I did with gusto), and we arrived in good order.

It's a pretty campus and it was a gorgeous day as evidenced by the photo. We proceeded through the tour and information session and then found our way back to the train station, and eventually got back to Denver in time to meet D. for lunch.

After running for trains and buses, and climbing many stairs and hills, the daughter was tired and I was aching. We went back to the hotel to rest a bit and clean up before going to the show.

(And yes, I had my cane with me, but I have a strong aversion to actually using it. It gets conveniently left in the suitcase more often than not, and I frequently live to regret that bit of pride. I have a hell of a time with stairs and crowds cause me anxiety because I can't reliably depend on keeping my balance. Falling over in front of an audience is embarrassing. And I simply can't stand for long periods. Still, I'm not one to live life as a bystander, so at least for the concert, I let common sense have the upper hand, and took the cane.)

That night, when we'd gotten to our seats, the daughter's sense of excitement was palpable. She'd been to concerts but now she was playing with the big girls.

Three hours of pure joy. We sang and danced and soaked up that beautiful noise. The daughter linked her arms with mine and leaned her head against my shoulder and sighed with happiness.

As for me, there I was with my daughter and one of my dearest friends and my favorite band.


Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

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