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05 August 2013

Blue bear

Convention Center (with visitor)
Denver, Colorado
2 August 2013

Probably anyone who has been near the convention center has photographed this appealing (and odd) bear. So I don't think my photo is anything unique, though the bear amused us mightily.

I'm supposed to be on vacation, but I'm not, in the main because this summer has been so...difficult. The daughter and son both were left completely exhausted by their respective school years, and evidently I was, too, because once the girl had finished for the summer, I had a dream that the daughter had just finished her junior year, and I was sitting in my car, staring out over a road, thinking, "I only have to make this drive for one more year." And in the dream, I started to cry with sheer relief.

That, my friends, is stress talking. Along with the sad knowledge that I still have to make that drive for two more years since she's just starting her junior year in two weeks.

(The idea that there is only two more years of this is almost overwhelming. People keep asking me if I'll be sad to have an empty nest, and I look at them like they're crazy and say, "NO." I love my children, absolutely dearly, and my family is more important to me than almost anything, but the prospect of no more school, tests, back to school nights, school obligations, college applications...gods, the prospect. It almost smells like freedom. I won't let the door hit me as I run out of it.)


Anyway, I have plenty on my plate for the next several months. But freedom will come in a small way when I fly back to DC in mid-October (parents weekend...useful this year because I have to navigate the vagaries of semester abroad for the boy. You see?) which will mean some responsible meeting attendance but also some time to myself in a city that makes me happy. Away from my video-game afternoon high school pick up, which the lucky spouse will get to take on.

(Do you have any idea how often I also have to do morning drop-off because he's out of town? OFTEN.)

So what does all this have to do with a blue bear in Denver?

I'll be busting out again in October. And that makes me happy.

Which is enough.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

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