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09 July 2013

The dead zone

An empty mall
Lake Elsinore, California
5 July 2013

We left early to drive to Julian and by the time we got half way there, I was starting to hear cries of "I have to use the bathroom."

Conveniently, we saw signs for an outlet mall, and we pulled off the freeway, thinking we could take a little rest stop, maybe get a cup of coffee. I don't really enjoy shopping; once upon a time it was a fun activity, but the fun has long since gone.

In any event, it was just after 9 in the morning, and we pulled into the parking lot. It didn't escape our notice that the parking lot was basically empty.  It turned out, of course, that the place didn't open until 10, but fortunately, the customer service building was open (though empty but for a man stocking a snack machine), and the restrooms were available (and clean!). So we availed ourselves of the facilities and set off back toward the car.

It struck us all about the same time just how quiet the place was. It was almost eerie that there weren't even any employees about.

Because I fact check my posts, I looked the mall up, and it was sad to see lots of negative reviews of the place. While there, I noticed a lot of dead space but because we didn't walk the length of the mall, I didn't realize that apparently, quite a lot of it is empty. It was clean, and nicely landscaped, but there was an air of desolation.

And emptiness.

Driving home that evening, the daughter again needed to stop. I took her into a bustling home center located across the freeway from the mall. The level of activity was somehow reassuring.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40.

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