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11 June 2013

You've seen that look before

I remember the room. The lamp. The chair. The dress I am wearing: the bow was brown velveteen. The lighting makes me look older than I am. I was still too young to be allowed to go to kindergarten.

A few months ago, one of my cousins succumbed to ALS. All of my cousins from my father's side of the family are older than I am, some decades older, and Cousin B., well into his 60's, had inherited all of his parents' photographs when they passed on. His younger brother, with whom I am close, was at B's home recently, and yesterday, he sent me this photo.

"There are more," P. wrote. "So many more of all of you when you were little."

My father was the youngest child in his family; B & P's mother was my father's oldest sister. So I can only imagine that this photo was included in a card or letter to her. Undoubtedly my father took it, didn't use a flash.

My mother's face, my brother's face, my younger sister's face are all clearly visible in this photo. Only I am shrouded in shadow. While I don't believe that was intentional, the end result tells a story and foresees a future.

The watermark slightly obscures my expression, but I am smiling, faintly, and watching.

Tech stuff: I've no idea what camera was used for this photo. It was a really interesting find, though.

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