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06 June 2013

Your mileage may vary

Santa Ana, California
6 June 2013

Obviously, I spend a lot of time here.

Even with the drive to and from the daughter's school, though, I don't put that much mileage on my car every year. According to my insurance company, the average person drives his/her car about 12,000 miles per year. I put about half that on my car, in California nonetheless. This probably has to do with my adherence to walking or bicycling when possible over the years. I use service providers in the area, rather than, say, driving to a doctor in Newport Beach (no, really. I know people who do that). I also group my errands so that if I have to do a bunch of things in one particular area, I do them all at the same time. To me, this is a no-brainer but I found out that for some, it was a revelation.


Yes, it's California and it "only" takes an hour to get from point A to point B. Really. People say that. And if that's how you want to utilize your time and your fuel, hey, your choice.

Anyway, I get a little survey from my insurance company periodically because they're sure that I'm driving rampantly all over creation. This is California. But no. My car is 16 years old. It has about 54,000 miles on it.

I really did ride my bike home from work in the good old days; I really did make my kids walk to school for 10 years. If I only have to get a few things at the store, I walk.

We knew when the daughter decided she wanted this school that it would be a commuting situation. We knew what we were signing up for. Which doesn't mean we like it, but we do it. She's committed to the school, so we're committed to our cars. But we're grateful the year is almost over. Four more days of the palm trees and jacarandas and people running wildly in the streets. Then it's summer.

And then,we'll be half the way there. Two years down, two years to go.

But who's counting?

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. The title is a turn of phrase I use frequently, mostly to distinguish my own opinion about something while recognizing that others may see things differently. For some reason, my family finds it hilarious when I say it.

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