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14 June 2013

A rose by any other name (and all that)

Iceberg rose
14 June 2013

Let's face it, in some ways I have a one-track mind.

(Alright, let's be honest. In many ways, I have a one-track mind.)

My horoscope pops up on my browser. Most days, I don't even read it, but the last few days I was starting to catch ominous (or hopeful, depending on your point of view) words as it went sailing by. Eventually, I read something along the lines of "if you feel like you've been ignored, don't worry! That's about to change."

No one wants to be ignored, of course. And recently, some things have happened that have left me perplexed if nothing else (well, and slightly annoyed. And maybe feeling a little ignored. But mostly confused. Actually, confused to the point if I wondered if I'd somehow offended someone, though I couldn't even figure out how I might have done that.)


Change. It happened.

It just wasn't the change that I wanted.

More like Do Not Want.

(I could think of many other changes I'd have preferred. Or one. Remember, one-track mind.)

Anyway, it's done.

(But, she asks hopefully, can I choose the next one?)


The daughter triumphantly finished her sophomore year yesterday, and I have sort of regained control of my own life (except, of course, for see above. And except for everything else. But I'm half the way there, I tell myself. I'm not lying.)

And I have a headache.

By any other name...

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4 with Hipstamatic Tinto 1884 lens and C-Type Plate film. Yeah, I'm feeling a bit silly. Also feeling a bit like "no" would have been a good word. And really, I hoped for a better change.

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