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24 May 2013

In plain sight

Near White-Gravenor
Georgetown University
Washington, D.C.
11 May 2013

The son was off doing something, so I wandered around for a bit.

I love gardens and always have done. I love gardens that have been cleverly designed, that have pockets and rills, bits hidden away awaiting discovery. I love formal gardens and wild gardens. I like the regimented and the unexpected.

(I dream of gardens.)

When I was 14, my mother and I made a trip back to the District and surrounds, and one of the places we visited with aunts and my older cousin M. was Williamsburg, Virginia. I loved it, but what drew me most was the gardens.

I was already a wanderer at that age, and while the rest of the group was looking at an exhibit, I got leave to go explore the gardens of the Governor's Palace. It was late in the day, and things were closing down. Trees were casting long shadows across lawns, but armed with a map, I ran down paths and discovered the ice house, kitchen plantings and herb gardens.

I'll never forget the little chill of excitement that rippled up my spine. There was so much there to see.

But world enough and time. Never.

And so a couple of weeks ago, I found this little area that I'd not seen before. I was enchanted.

D.C. has a particular smell this time of year. It's swamp and damp, but also flowers and vegetation. It was like a siren song.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. I've already settled on a return trip to Williamsburg in April 2014. 

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