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23 May 2013

Birthday beer

Red Hill Red (with candle)
23 May 2013

Over the weekend, the son and the spouse went off to run some errands and in the course of doing so, bought a birthday card for me.  While in pursuit of this, they ran into a young woman who frequently serves us at the microbrewery we customarily visit on Friday nights. She encouraged them to take me to the brewery to celebrate my birthday, but my birthday was yesterday, a Wednesday, and with a kid still in school, I demurred, suggesting that we should wait until the weekend.

Well, we dropped in tonight, only a day earlier than usual, and when she saw us, our friend yelled, "Happy Birthday!" and I laughed, "That was yesterday!"

Then she brought me a beer with a candle in it. Which made me laugh out loud. As I told her, it was the best use I'd ever seen a birthday candle put to.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. 

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