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17 May 2013

Be prepared

Ladies' room
Austin, Texas
23 April 2013

Possibly, it's just that I have a strange sense of humor.

(Possibly, it's that I had a cocktail with lunch, which is so far beyond the norm for me...)

Anyway, D. and I had spent the morning at the Texas State History Museum. That is another story
altogether, but after we'd seen the whole thing, it was time for lunch.

So we hunted around and found a nice bistro.

The sandwiches were good, the company delightful.

(Also, cocktails. Have I mentioned that about the only thing I routinely drink is water and coffee with an occasional ice tea--UNsweetened, thank you very much--thrown in for variety? Yes, I have.)

Ladies' rooms are an adventure (no, that's not a non sequitur). I'm sure men's rooms are too, and we'll draw a discreet veil over the time I crashed the men's room because I got tired of waiting for the ladies' and yes, it was at a concert, about 25 years ago. Any port in a storm.

Anyway, cocktails (along with all the water I was drinking, too) inevitably lead to ladies' rooms.

The spouse is of the opinion that ladies' rooms invariably have a carnival midway and rollercoasters because we seem to spend so much time in them. I have disabused him of this idea, pointing out that the ladies' is generally woefully under-equipped for the ladies who wish to use it, and that said ladies are frequently toting small, dancing children who require the facilities even more than the ladies who bore them. Then there are all the clothing adjustments that men don't necessarily need to make. No need to go into detail.

(Full disclosure: I have been in a ladies room that had...a giant, rocking giraffe! But that's the closest I've seen to a rollercoaster.)

In any event, a ladies' room in a bistro in Austin, Texas. Which did not have a carnival midway or rides. But it did boast a can of White Rain.

Texas and hairspray.

And that just made me laugh.

(It may have been the cocktails.)

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