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13 March 2013

Pelicans (not comets)

Taken from Inspiration Point
Corona del Mar, California
12 March 2013

Last night was supposed to be the best time to see 2013 Pan-STARRS in the Northern Hemisphere, so I plotted, and suggested that we go out to the beach and wait for sundown. I had camera, tripod, my telephoto lens. We found a great little pizza joint, and each had a slice before venturing out to our chosen bluff. We were greeted at said bluff by a wall of fog moving in off the ocean. I kept hoping against hope that it would dissipate, drop down over the water, go away but no joy.

Still, pelicans.

They didn't care about any comet.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40. If you look at last night's photo(taken with my iPhone and sent to the blog via email), that clump of rocks below the bluff is where these guys were hanging out.

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