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04 February 2013


Red door
Cobh, Ireland
22 July 2012

Cobh was an unexpected stop on our journey, and we were greeted by blustery weather, cold and damp. Not that we'd let that deter us. So into the wind and rain we went, and we hiked up the winding narrow road toward the cathedral.

Even in the rain, Cobh is charming, and I fell in love with the bright red door parked in the white wall across from the cathedral. I'm probably tall enough that I could have looked over the wall to see where the door led, but that would have been rude, and I'd far rather imagine what lay beyond the door. A secret garden? A tiny cottage set into the hillside?

The door speaks volumes, mysteriously.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40. Yes, I am rather fond of doors and all they promise, good, bad and scary. They keep things in and they keep things out. Sometimes, they invite.

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