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29 January 2013

Untitled because I'm feeling unclever

Merseyside Maritime Museum
Liverpool, England
20 July 2012

And because I'm not going write something like Titanic! AGAIN!

(It was actually quite a nice museum. It's just that everywhere we went in the UK and Ireland last summer, there was something to do with the Titanic. I get enough of that sort of thing here at home.)

Also, worth mentioning that last night's photo is gone, replaced by one of the same series that is not out of focus. That is the peril of posting directly from one's phone when one is too tired to do anything but go to sleep.

(And then dream that one is being chased around the desert by a giant worm. Really what I needed.)

Yesterday, I had a fairly disastrous day (which had the distinction of being a terrific day at the same time...April 2013 will be a titanic month, hopefully without being a titanic disaster. Okay, I'll stop now. Yes, I know... April. But also APRIL. Like April 2008. That kind of April. Which was good.)

Really, stopping now.



Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40. In April 2008, Deb noted that when I say that I'm "shutting up now," I'm most likely to be just getting interesting. Hmm. And OH SPIFF! I put 2012 on the watermark and 2013 on the date I took the photo, which of course is about six months in the future. *HeadDesk*

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