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22 January 2013

The shape of things to come

Concourse C
Dallas, Texas
29 March 2012

I spend a phenomenal amount of time in this airport. For any number of reasons: concerts, vacations, college visits. There are other airports that I spend plenty of time in, too, of course. My home airport, Chicago O'Hare (Meet you at the Slip 'n Slide!), Sky Harbor, Washington National, Schiphol (of all places). I may dislike flying, but airports mostly have a flavor of their own.

At least I know I can manage again.


The son went to Inauguration yesterday. I was pleased and surprised that he'd venture into the seething mass of humanity to bear witness. I keep trying to impress upon him that there will never be another time like his college years, a time when he is free to explore, to learn and to stretch his wings. He seems to be listening. He just got himself accepted into the volunteer EMS program at his school. Once he completes basic EMT training, he'll be eligible to continue on. That's something to think about. My kid, an EMT-B at 19. 



The daughter, on the other hand, has gotten the official boot from PE. Because of the surgery, she'll be out of commission until at least mid-March, and so is being reassigned as a TA. This summer, I get to pay for her to take an online (so wish I was kidding) PE course, so she can complete her PE credits for college. Frankly, I can't believe that I have to go to these lengths because she was injured at school. I'm more than a little annoyed. 

Annoyed doesn't begin to cover it, actually.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. Full disclosure: I'm choosing to pay for an online class to avoid having the kid get behind. She could take another year of PE next year as a part requirement, part elective, but if she's injured again, it will really mess with her other required classes. The whole thing has just been a bit asinine in the way it's played out.

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