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16 January 2013

It's all Norwegian to me

Bergen, Norway
21 July 2008

Yes, you might well ask why I'm posting a photo of a sign that is in Norwegian. 

As the year turned over, I tried to imagine what I'd like my life to look like in 2013. I'd like it to look like 2007, I thought, or 2008. Yes, I thought, 2008 was a nice year. 

Well, some of 2008 was a nice year. If you recall (if you were reading Out of the Kitchen in those days), there were many times that I had to bite my tongue really really hard. In part to keep from screaming in frustration, in part because anything I said could easily have been found by parties I wouldn't want reading what I was saying. I try to keep peace. Had this been a private personal blog, I could have easily excoriated all and sundry, but it's not and I couldn't.  So I held my peace, didn't say my piece, and spent lots of time biting my tongue. Or my fingers.

So guess which part of 2008 I've landed in? Yeah, that part. 

For all you know, that sign says "Online bowling at BYU."

And that, my darlings, was my day today.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40. Yes, if you look closely, it is in fact talking about drinking water and what not to do in it. So yeah, that, too.

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