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24 January 2013

First snow

A light dusting of snow
Washington, D.C.
24 January 2013

The son texted me this photo this morning. I've been warning him that January and February would be cold, possibly snowy, and he kept telling me that he didn't know why I made him take a coat to school with him.

Then, two days ago I got a text:

"(Expletive), it's cold."

And he was sad he didn't have THE GLOVES THAT I FORCED ON HIM in his pocket.

Poor child born and raised in southern California. Yes, Mama knows best. She was born a couple of miles from where this photo was taken and periodically wore snowsuits as a child.

(D.C. isn't exactly the Arctic North, but I've certainly seen my share of the white stuff there.)

Anyway, I replied that it would be kind if he supplied the neighbors with some hot chocolate.

We joke about his neighbors a good bit. The son approves of them. They're very quiet, he tells me.

(Yup, that is exactly what it looks like. Far more satisfactory than the athletic field on the other side of the building, the scene of loud football games.)

It's not that he hasn't seen snow. We've dragged him off to ski and snowshoe in the Sierra and in New Mexico. He was there for the unholy storm we saw in Sequoia two years ago. But he's never lived in it.

And it's really supposed to snow tomorrow.

He'll be grateful for that coat. And muffler. And the gloves. And the woolen socks.

Tech stuff: Taken with the son's LG whatever phone. Photo used by permission ("Send it around so everyone can coo." Done and done, kid).

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