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20 January 2013

A look beyond

Nuuk, Greenland
30 July 2008

For a long while, I stopped taking photos when I traveled. I carry what I've seen and done in my head, and that's a pretty fine place for it.

(Says she who needs to shred about 20 years of handwritten journals before she unexpectedly drops dead or something. I really could live without my 11-year-old histrionics playing out before a wider audience. I think I'd rest easier dead, as well. What a foolish horror movie that would make: some middle-aged ghost trying to prevent people from reading old, embarrassing journals.)

In any event, I rediscovered the joys of photography as photography and not as taking snapshots. A snapshot is an idea of its own--all that point-and-shoot--but actually photographing something and thinking about light and angles is a bit more fun. I'd just started to revisit the concept on this trip.

I'm still working that whole 2008 thing. This was a really good day.

I really wanted to see both Greenland and Iceland, and this was the trip where that happened.

I really want to go back. Of course, there is a good deal of the rest of the world I want to see, too.

Despite everything, I got back out there in 2012.

Despite everything.

I have to remember that.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40. Yes, yes, yes, there is far too much sea in the photo. I'd not bought a telephoto yet.

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