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05 December 2012

Public art

Liverpool, United Kingdom
20 July 2012

Honestly, most public art bemuses me. This was no exception, but apparently, the Superlambanana (I've seen it written a half dozen different ways, including Super Lamb Banana and Super Lambanana, so I've really no idea which is technically correct) has a long and celebrated history in Liverpool, and after hearing the story of the Liver Bird (another story and photo altogether), I suppose I'm sort of not surprised. In an odd way, it makes sense.  However, the clownish face on this one sent us all reeling back a bit because none of us is much of a fan of clowns (see Pennywise, the homicidal alien clown, creation of Stephen King).

Anyway. There it was.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40.

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