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29 December 2012

Lost in the mist

Sequoia National Park
27 November 2008

We visit Sequoia every couple of years, and on this occasion had gone during Thanksgiving. There was only a dusting of snow at the higher elevations--unlike the blizzard we got two years later--so a lot of the trails that we miss when we're there later in winter were actually open. We were hiking in the general direction of Moro Rock, and the forest was quiet, drizzly and filled with mist. It was like a fairyland, but we're all well acquainted with the Grimms' grim tales, so we kept an eye out for bear and other predators. Fortunately, nothing seemed interested in us, but we saw numerous deer and as we were the only humans about, they largely ignored us and went about their business, almost silently picking their way through the leaves and rocks.

I've thought a good bit about the shape I'd like the future year to take. Not that I have much control over what might occur--my body is a constant reminder of that--but I think I'd be pretty happy if it looked a lot like the first two-thirds of 2008. There were problems and aggravations but the good was so excellent, that I was able to chuck the bad by the wayside after a good grumble over it, and move right on.

I'd like that again.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40.

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