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18 December 2012

Lights through the kitchen window

The 'hood
18 December 2012

When we lived in Los Angeles County, we lived up on a hillside and my kitchen window faced the valley below. Probably, I should remember spectacular sunsets but my favorite time of year was the end of November through Christmas. Every Thanksgiving weekend, the owner of an enormous deodar on a street far below would string lights all over it, and the result was visible when I stood at my kitchen sink in the early evening. As the weeks toward the holidays progressed, the houses in the valley and along the hills would bloom with colorful displays, and I watched them twinkle and glow every night in those all too brief period. Once Christmas passed, the lights were rapidly extinguished, house by house, until January darkness claimed my window. I always watched them go with a pang, and while I miss little about living in that house, I do miss seeing that gorgeous, jewel-like display every night while I made dinner.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. No worries, I made SURE you can't see my reflection. And yes, I was wearing clothes.

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