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30 December 2012


Sequoia National Park
28 December 2010

The daughter appeared over my shoulder, as she is wont to do, while I was reading a recipe and cogitating over the directions for making a ginger-infused simple syrup.

The daughter: "Oh! A ginger margarita! I bet you'd like that!"

Me, mildly: "I've had one."

(Thinking: "Or three.")

The daughter: "Was it good?"

Me: "Yeah. D. and I tried it in Houston."

The daughter, sighing: "I wish I could meet your friends."

Me: "You have met D."

The daughter: "For, like, 3 seconds! I want to get to know her. She seems to be so much fun."

Me: "She is. But you have fun friends. You and your group get into all sorts of mischief."

The daughter: "Yeah, but you have stories. You two go to concerts. You have so much fun."

Me, grinning reminiscently, "That we do."

The daughter: "I want to have fun."

Me: "Okay, I'll tell D. that the honor of her presence is requested in California next time."

The daughter, clapping: "YAY!"

Is that not one for the books? The teenager who wants to hang out with the ladies of a certain age? 

It is quite cold out today.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40. 

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