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30 November 2012

You know, it's not what I needed

Orange County, California
29 November 2012

I knew it wasn't going to be a good week.

I joked with D. that if I could get through it, I'd have really earned Sunday's trip to Houston.  Chaos took me at my word.

Finally, I gave up screaming about everything that was being flung at me, and just worked through it all, a problem at a time. Some of the issues were mundane--the daughter destroying one of the rubber tips of her crutches just in time for the pouring rain--and some were more problematic. You would think I would know by now that the best approach is to keep my head down and keep plodding forward, but I'm just out of patience with things being wrong.

Speaking of things being wrong, the daughter saw the orthopedic surgeon today. MRI time. It looks like there is a bone fragment lodged under her patella. Not exactly good news, but surgery isn't a foregone conclusion.

Tomorrow, I turn my back on the problems, leave my family to fend for themselves, and get on a plane.

They'll be fine. Probably, so will I.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

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