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03 November 2012

Noche de Altares

Noche de Altares
Santa Ana, California
3 November 2012

The daughter was nominated for membership in Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica this year (you have no idea how bizarre it seems when my kids end up in organizations that I was in during my high school years). Like most of these sorts of organizations, demonstrated academic excellence is important, as is community service. And the first service opportunity was helping to create an altar for one of the local Día de los Muertos celebrations, Noche de Altares, and then sitting at the altar for an hour during the actual event.

As community events go, this one was pretty good. Altars lined the street--some were personal and honored departed family members; others memorialized influential individuals; some were dedicated to groups like service personnel; and still others represented different states in Mexico. Some were clearly labors of love; some were amazingly elaborate; and some had a definite sense of humor. All of them were colorful and wonderful to behold.

Of course, there was also food, music and plenty of politics. 

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. I loved this memorial, though I missed the name of the man to whom the car had belonged. The street was mobbed and I was trying to get out of the way of others taking photos. The altar that the daughter helped with commemorated Amalia Hernández (1917-2000), founder of Ballet Folklórico de México.

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