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16 November 2012

Dog wrangling in Liverpool

Liverpool, United Kingdom
20 July 2012

The Liverpool story is a long one and rather multi-faceted, and let me just say that I really liked Liverpool, not because I have any great love of the Beatles, but because it was our first really sunny day in the UK, and the people who lived there and helped us around were just a delight.

The spouse was ill that day, so I packed up the kids and set out to adventure. It was a good day (meaning I could charge around like I'm not partially paralyzed), so we decided on some stuff to do and went to do it.

Our first stop was the Anglican cathedral, enormous, majestic and gorgeous on its hillside. Although I was raised as a Catholic, I'm rather partial to Anglicans. There are reasons--some of which are stories in their own right--but in part it is that the Anglicans that I've encountered in my travels (and only in my travels) seem to have their heads on straight and seem to approach the world in a spiritual but very real way. It's refreshing.

Anyway, we got to the cathedral, and there were a group of camera-wielding tourists milling about outside. How these two met up is a mystery, but I had fun watching her wrangle the dogs and the photographer try to get a shot of them. The photographer gave me a filthy look when he discovered me taking photos of his endeavors to photograph the other group, but this bothered me not at all.

So there it is: a lighthearted photo to end a rotten and exhausting week. The weekend brings challenges of its own, not least of which is trying to figure out how I'm going to get the daughter-on-crutches into her seat at an arena tomorrow night for a concert. While I'm half tempted to just let the tickets go, the wiser half of me hopes for the sort of magic that sets my soul free and my heart on fire.

I could use it about now.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40. And today, I found my camera battery charger. At least that sort of puts me back in business.

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