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01 October 2012

The backstory

Giants Causeway
Bushmills, Moyle, United Kingdom
16 July 2012

The story of the glass that is half full is that I hiked this far under my own power, and eventually, I made it back to the visitor's center under my own power. This is what I hold to remind myself of what I still can do.

The story of the glass that is half empty is that I wanted to have a look at the formation at the center of the photo, but I couldn't manage the climb. And this rears its ugly head to remind me of what I've lost. On the good days, it seems incomprehensible that I couldn't get there. On the bad days, I'm amazed I got as far as I did.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40. I still hope for and work towards improvement.

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